Balls in the Bucket

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Balls in the Bucket – A coaching style of leadership

Giving a lift to a friend the other day he saw into my car boot.  In amongst the other usual rubbish there were 5 waste paper bins and about 50 practice golf balls.  Obviously prompting the question “why?” it lead to me trying to explain how I use them to illustrate a coaching style of leadership.

My challenge was then to describe a coaching style of leadership in the time it took to walk across a car park.  Perhaps it should be the test for any leadership framework – can you explain it in the time it takes to cross a car park.

So -

Ø    People perform best when they feel ownership and responsibility for what they do.

Ø    Truly delegating work to people gives this ownership and responsibility.

Ø    This is scary – fear and habit means people try (maybe sub-consciously) to move this responsibility back to us as managers

Ø    We want the work to be done well and we want to support our teams therefore as we delegate work we need to simultaneously support them in a way that keeps that ownership with them.

Ø    This support is coaching

Ø    This increases personal awareness amongst team members ensuring they continually  improve and develop

The principles are pretty straight-forward the challenge is (as always) converting the theory into practice.  And how do I use the balls and buckets? Well that has to be experienced.   Some things are best learnt face to face.

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