Meeting 21st Century leadership challenges – being adaptable and self-aware

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Senior Executive Coaching: Senior Team Coaching working with leaders and senior teams to help them achieve excellence.

Coaching Blog

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In a conversation a senior executive told me how they were not really getting anything out of their coaching – it was good to chat but not shifting anything for them. It made me realise what a dilemma it is for people to make the right choice. How do you know the business coach you have had is the best you could have had? Where do you get a chance to meet the range available? Do you want a sounding board, support and advice or more of a performance improvement focus? There are so many executive coaching businesses it can be hard to differentiate but the relationship and style has to be right. We are lucky to have a range of styles, background and experience in our coaching team but the most important thing is for you, the client, to have a clear focus on what you are looking for from the coaching and what works best for you in terms of style.

Branding from the Inside Out

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I ran a Branding from the Inside Out seminar for IoD members this week where we discussed how perception really does impact on how we are judged. We also discussed how looking the part is not enough and that we need to truly focus on what’s going on in the Inside. As an executive coach, I have several clients that have worked with me on their brand and it has been very interesting and rewarding to see how they have responded and more importantly, how others have responded to them! The end result being a bigger role, greater rewards and most importantly, a feeling of achievement and satisfaction for the client!

Working Together Blog

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I have been at a couple of events this week  - the first being a conference on the business success from collaboration and the second being a ladies lunch focusing on Glasgow’s economic strategy, the commonwealth games and beyond. I came away from both feeling enthusiastic and really positive, especially important in our current times. The common theme for me is that if we partner properly with like-minded people and organisations we can achieve amazing things. On our own, we may survive and do alright, but we will not be able to build beyond our own capability. That is certainly not enough in our current economic climate. We are doing a few things in Kynesis to contribute to these opportunities. Let us know if you want to get involved.

Coaching in Adversity

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Over the last decade Coaching has become a real success in people development, both for top level people to hone their performance and as a powerful way to shift cultures from within the organisation. The recent downturn has seen a shift in the need and style of coaching – coaching for resilience is far more likely to be the theme. The context is often one of survival as well as keeping going in these tough times, where it can be difficult to keep yourself and your teams motivated.

Women in the Boardroom

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On Sunday, Caroline was on BBC Scotland’s flagship Business programme discussing if there is a glass ceiling for women in the workplace? Follow the link here to hear the prgramme.

Leading through Adversity

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During a recent workshop on Leading through Adversity people spoke of how difficult it is to keep focussed through hard times.  I find that, as a coach, I am often helping executives, both experienced and less-experienced, navigate their way through uncertainties they have never come across before. Igilgometa . Fortunately there are frameworks and techniques to help, as adverse times require a different sort of leadership and mental state.

Mentoring and why we need it!

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Boards are still not properly reflecting the growing diversity of their markets and employees.

Cognitive Fitness – Get your brain sweating

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Looking after yourself generally means exercising and watching what you eat.  New research in neuroscience is now showing that it is just as important to exercise and feed your brain as well as your body!  We know that the brain is split into 2 sides with the left side taking care of the practical, ordered side of life whilst the right hand side if the imagination and creativity.  Opinions vary as to which side you should focus on but one is linked to the other so both sides should be developed.