Leadership Programme Evaluation

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We know that our Leadership Programmes work well.

Kynesis overview

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At Kynesis, we’ve tried to fit everything we do on two pages, why not have a look?

Managing Up is not sucking up

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Learning and Development Group Scotland – Meet Up

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The Learning and Development Group on Linkedin is a fantastic resources for professionals in the L & D field with over 1000 members – most of whom are more than willing to share ideas, thoughts and advise.

Frontline Management Culture.

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In my experience, organisations often under rate the importance of Frontline Leaders.  They are often the managers who lead those who actually do the real work and importantly they are usually the closest manager to the customer touch points.

Participant quote from Paul’s facilitated event

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“Well organised, intelligently prepared, professionally delivered, and kept engagement and interest throughout.”

Latest Feedback Results

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Leadership Programme Review Results

Employee Development and Corporate Social Responsibility

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At the heart of learning is having experiences (doing something) and learning from it.  I suspect very few people reading this will not have heard of Kolb’s learning cycle.  Despite its age still an incredibly useful way to think about learning.

Latest feedback results

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Leadership Training Feedback

Balls in the Bucket

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Balls in the Bucket – A coaching style of leadership

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