Wicked Problems – Another nail in the “tell-style” coffin

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The biggest influence on how we lead is the leadership we have seen.  For many of us that includes a wealth of examples of being told what to do and how to do it.  This tell-style has it’s place – it gets things done quickly and efficiently. OK, so you leave your people behind, increase your staff turnover and stifle all the creativity in your workforce but at least the job is done.

The Search for the Single Right Answer

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We currently live in a world which can be defined by two things its complexity and the need for wide scale change. The world is complex – the accelerating pace of change, globalisation, new technology and the blurring of traditional boundaries all contribute.

Leadership, Difficult Conversations and Coaching

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Through our bespoke work we have recently noticed key themes emerging for our clients as they respond to the challenging market conditions. In response to this, we have developed a core suite of workshops that we are   able to offer  at  reduced rate.

Is Cultural Matching the missing ingredient in collaboration?

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I was recently brought in to help a partnership where the honeymoon period was well and truly over and it was proving hard to achieve all that looked possible while “courting”.  Some things were going well but there was still a lot more to be gained.  We certainly helped, but some hard thinking and honest evaluation earlier in the partnership could have avoided a lot of anguish.   Sometimes we are involved in the early stages, facilitating the initial joint discussions, however the real work of making collaboration work starts even before this.

Cognitive Fitness – Get your brain sweating

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Looking after yourself generally means exercising and watching what you eat.  New research in neuroscience is now showing that it is just as important to exercise and feed your brain as well as your body!  We know that the brain is split into 2 sides with the left side taking care of the practical, ordered side of life whilst the right hand side if the imagination and creativity.  Opinions vary as to which side you should focus on but one is linked to the other so both sides should be developed.

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