Marine Scotland

Kynesis were commissioned to carry out a project which would formulate a set of possible structures at a senior level of the new government directorate – Marine Scotland. We then made a reasoned assessment leading to a recommended top level structure.
We followed the following process:
➢ A group of senior staff from the Fisheries Research Agency (FRS), Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency (SFPA), the current Marine Directorate and Enterprise Directorate met to define the design criteria against which the new Directorate’s structure would be modelled and tested.
➢ We carried out a series of individual and group discussions with representatives from each of these bodies, other parts of the Scottish Government and the Trade Unions. We also spoke with the Cabinet Secretary, Richard Lochhead.
➢ Having analysed the data and developed draft recommendations, we presented to the Programme Board, discussed options with them and gathered further data on which we based our final report.
We took as the starting point the Ministers’ strategic aims for Scotland’s seas and based our work on the outcome-based approach to planning and integrated delivery. The project had a number of complexities including the need to develop an integrated approach to policy development while maintaining a range of core competencies in for example EURO negotiation, scientific integrity and marine enforcement.
Our approach assured that key players views were both collected and, where appropriate, challenged and the recommended structure received the support of the Programme Board.


An agreed Senior Management Structure for Marine Scotland
A better alignment of the Scottish Government marine resources with the Ministers strategic intent. People affected by the process had a significant voice in the new design and the issues raised were clearly addressed.

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