Matthew Algie

Along with our consortium partner, Liddell Thomson, we were commissioned by Matthew Algie to assist them to develop, articulate and implement their new business strategy.

The business strategy was developed and articulated from
• Desk research on the markets in which the company is engaged
• Depth interviews with the executive team
• Facilitated workshop discussion with executives and senior managers

Approach and deliverables
• Desk research to assess market, competitor positioning, trends; including market overview provided by Matthew Algie
• Set date, location and create structure of residential strategy workshop
• Conducted depth interviews with executives/managers participating in workshop
• Facilitated the workshop, including pre-event dinner and full-day team working The workshop explored
o Vision/aspirations for the business
o Business threats, risks and opportunities
o Business positioning and presentation (branding)
o Short, medium and long term objectives
o Business priorities
o Key customer/stakeholder relationships
o Marketing and communication channels

• Following the workshop, we assimilated the information and the outputs of the interviews and discussions and prepared a business strategy narrative and a headline implementation plan including the key organizational capability requirements
• We presented this to the Board/management team and reflected the outcomes of that discussion in a final submission of the strategy narrative and implementation plan

Outputs and benefits

A clearly articulated strategy which has the full support of the Board and the management group, alongside a plan, developed and shared by the whole team to implement the strategy.

“Kynesis in partnership with Liddell Thomson have delivered an excellent service to Matthew Algie. In times of exceptional change in the organisation and external market, their expert knowledge and facilitation and been of great value. This has enabled us to develop a clear and pragmatic view of where the organisation is going and how we will get there.” Mr Gary Nicol, Managing Director.

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