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In a conversation a senior executive told me how they were not really getting anything out of their coaching – it was good to chat but not shifting anything for them. It made me realise what a dilemma it is for people to make the right choice. How do you know the business coach you have had is the best you could have had? Where do you get a chance to meet the range available? Do you want a sounding board, support and advice or more of a performance improvement focus? There are so many executive coaching businesses it can be hard to differentiate but the relationship and style has to be right. We are lucky to have a range of styles, background and experience in our coaching team but the most important thing is for you, the client, to have a clear focus on what you are looking for from the coaching and what works best for you in terms of style.

Caroline Donaldson

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  • Oliver @ VPS Hosting

    Coaching is the best role for me, not just you coach because you want something in return but it is better to help and teach people who really needs.

  • executive coaching

    Coaching is really best one and if we start coaching through blog for free then it will be beneficial to number of people. I must say that people should share their knowledge.

  • johnny


    This blog is amazing. I realy love it!…

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