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Leadership Programme Review Results

Following a recent leadership programme we are proud to present the following results from the feedback survey:

  • 100% of participants enjoyed the event
  • 100% of participants thought the training was relevant to their work
  • 100% of participants believed the programme was well balanced between presentation, discussion and exercise.
  • 100% of respondents believed the content was well planned and adaptable.
  • 100% of participants believed the time allowed for each activity was adequate.
  • 100% of respondents agreed that a greater understanding of the different ways people learn has helped them in their role
  • 100% of respondents believe they have improved how and when they give feedback over the past three months
  • 100% of respondents feel their communication has improved as a result of this programme
  • 83% of participants now understand more in depth the importance of networks in personal and organisational success
  • 83% of participants felt that setting objectives at the beginning of the course helped them focus on their
  • 83% of participants feel they are now more capable and confident at group communication/presentation
  • 100% of respondents would recommend this event to others


As stated above, 100% of participants believed that a greater understanding of how people learn in different ways has helped them in how they operate at work. They identified that it has encouraged them to tailor their approach to different team members and enabled them to try new ways of teaching skills. On this topic one participant said:

“I was aware of this before but the course helped me look at this more closely and use it in annual review sessions.”


A significant improvement in communication was another area the participants identified as beneficial.  This has had a noticeable impact in the way the participants operate within the organisation. For example, these participants stated:

“I’m able to remain more composed and listen to issues before responding”

“I am more confident in my ability to lead”

“I think it has helped team members to understand better their own needs for skills or performance development.”


Every participant feels that the programme has improved how he or she gives feedback over the past three months. The participants highlighted that the improvements in their ability to give feedback has impacted in a number of ways – people know where they stand, they are aware of where the have performed a task well or when there is room for improvement, which the participants believe is good for morale. With reference to feedback one participant said:

“People know where they stand and how they are doing if feedback is given, the course reinforced the importance”

The outcomes of the programme

Although it is beneficial to be able to identify improvements the programme has made in key areas such as communication, learning and feedback, it is also important to consider how the programme will impact the individuals, and how they perform within the organisation in the future. With reference to what changes they will make as a result of the programme, here is what a few participants had to say:

“I think I will be delegating more to my junior colleagues and will be able to motivate them in a better way. Also I will improve my time management.”

“Taking time out to plan and reflect”

“Trying to know more about the individuals in the team and what motivates them. Appreciation of different learning styles and trying to avoid leading staff to do things the way I do them, there’s more than one way to do things.”

“More focus on understanding team members’ personality and management needs.  More communication wherever possible.”

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