Meeting 21st Century leadership challenges – being adaptable and self-aware

Senior Executive Coaching: Senior Team Coaching working with leaders and senior teams to help them achieve excellence.Following on from my last thoughts on leading in a radically transparent world, there are two key traits that are crucial for 21st century leaders – they are Adaptability and Sel

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Coaching Blog

In a conversation a senior executive told me how they were not really getting anything out of their coaching – it was good to chat but not shifting anything for them. It made me realise what a dilemma it is for people to make the right choice. How do you know the business coach you have had is t

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Branding from the Inside Out

I ran a Branding from the Inside Out seminar for IoD members this week where we discussed how perception really does impact on how we are judged. We also discussed how looking the part is not enough and that we need to truly focus on what’s going on in the Inside. As an executive coach, I have s

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Working Together Blog

I have been at a couple of events this week  - the first being a conference on the business success from collaboration and the second being a ladies lunch focusing on Glasgow’s economic strategy, the commonwealth games and beyond. I came away from both feeling enthusiastic and really positive,

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Leadership Programme Evaluation

Leadership Programme Evaluation

We know that our Leadership Programmes work well.Thanks to  pre and post programme 360 evaluations we have been able to measure the impact of a recent major programme.  Our client, a public sector body, faced challenges of continuing to work in an exceptionally complex context while dealing with

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Caroline Donaldson

As a Director of Kynesis Caroline heads up our team in Coaching and Executive Excellence. The coaching is a combination of personal awareness, skill improvements, challenging perceptions and clarifying perspectives in an overall learning experience for the Executive.

Paul Foley

As a Director of Kynesis Paul’s key interests are leading our Strategic Thinking and Collaborative Working business areas. Paul uses this to build leadership across complex organisations.

About Kynesis

Kynesis was formed by Caroline Donaldson & Paul Foley in 1997. From their experience of working together in a large consultancy organisation, they realised that there was a gap in the market for high quality, bespoke organisational development services which were tailored to the people within their client organisations on an individual and team level.

After a spell of working independently, they got together to form what is now known as Kynesis.

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